A Saturday in May

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, the trees with their new little green leaves and the sounds of the birds busy making their nests. The pond is a still as glass and we have three pairs of ducks, all different, gliding along the water, each making a home in our midst, one that will soon be filled with ducklings.   Three birds have just taken to the three by the deck, staring down at me as if to say ” ok, where is the feeder you keep talking about.”  I really need to get that purchased, one for the deck and one for the tree by the kitchen window.

Beltane arrived and with it a low key todo at my place.  The day was cloudy and windy but filled with strong energy, something I had felt during the week, something I still cannot explain to anyone else. By the time my busy day had a break and I got some time to set something up for a little celebration, it was the wee hours of Friday and I found myself exhausted and almost sick.  I hope to have a do over after my work week ends. It will be late but nevertheless enjoyable.

This morning I am contemplating leaving my community blog once again. I struggled with the idea back in December and briefly left only to miss some of the people and quickly return.  Now after months of hostilities with another blogger, I really do not think I can take much more.  Perhaps it is time to keep myself to the one place that has always brought me peace and serenity.  There are some I will miss but most have a connection to me here and those who do not, I can link to and visit.  I will openly admit I am weak in the face of those who bait me for their amusement and ignoring the bait has only increased the ill will of the offending blogger who has now threatened and slandered me openly.  The internet can be such an adventure can it not?

Now it is time for sleep as my night shift was long and busy.  I need to drift away to my green hills and valleys and the little cottage I see when I use visualization. This is where I go to relax and sometimes where I find another who waits for me there.  I hope all of you are having a glorious day.

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