Reflections on a Rainy Friday

The day is grey, a rainy night moving in. There is no better thing than working with the full moon under the cloak of clouds and with the energy of  a thunderstorm. Unfortunately it is not to be as my work week begins tonight and carries through the weekend. Thankfully and for the first time, I sat out last night under the nearly full moon, enjoying the gentle breeze and stillness of the water.  It was beautiful to be sure, my candles lining the deck lighting up the post midnight sky. It is a bit more challenging, however, to keep candles tamed in even the most gentle breeze and I think more trips to the outside will change the way I do things.

The horizon is green and the apple trees are about to burst into full bloom, their red, pinks and white sending a sweet scent through the air. We have ducklings so soon, six of them swimming with their mother across the pond earlier today. The birds continue to be a mystery, birds here I have not heard before. I leave the deck door open in the morning while I sit at the table and listen to all of their songs.  I will not be able to leave that door open much longer as the early warmth and rain will soon spawn the first mosquitoes of the season.

The days off have been a bit stressful in some ways, something I will not carry on to this blog, and last night I asked for peace and resolution. I have no idea what will happen in the days to come, but I have been left tired, disillusioned and wary of those I call friend.  The night sky listened and today there is a peace and reflection surrounding me.  Thank you to those who continue to come here, despite my decline in posts. I hope to change that soon, as I transition myself back to the things I need and the things that nurture my soul.

My singing neighbor is awake now telling me it is  time to get ready for work.  His songs bring a smile to my face and a lightness to my heart.  Life goes on, and is good.


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