Night Rambles

So here I am again, up in the middle of the night, not a strange thing for me.  This evening has been filled with energy, making me restless and irritable. Perhaps it is the stormy atmosphere, perhaps the perfume that filled my room earlier, a combination of sharp and sweet. I have not had this experience since we moved, a common one at our last home. Often I would walk through perfume on the way to the computer. Our lower level was quite the place and could have, I am certain won over even the biggest of doubters.

The day has been lazy spent lounging and watching the grey clouds drift by and now the wind is blowing the trees and bringing some thunder in a bit, or so they say. I would love to sit outside with candles but in such a wind it is impossible. Perhaps I can take myself to sweeter places in dreams. I do not think I will dream for a while yet as I seem to be wide awake now for the night. I would love to dream of walking by the sea, or maybe in the woods, and if lucky I would find my way to one who often waits there. But, now I am letting my words drift and so I will go and get a glass of lemonade and  sit in the night wind for just a little while, if the rain has not yet arrived.

2 thoughts on “Night Rambles

    • I thank you. I am about to start my next writings but struggling with whether to put them here. I probably will though. It’s too much work to open another site.

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