June Ramblings

It has been a thinking day, actually a thinking week, one filled with turbulence and no doubt handled badly on my part.  I am recovering from it all, feeling a bit wiser, quite a bit used and feeling very much like the solitary life is for me. For as long as I can remember I been one who walks my own road. I do not follow well  nor do I bend easily to the will of others, despite what some might think. It makes me unpopular at times, something I am painfully aware of.  I am not as supportive as I could be,  a fault I also recognize. My thoughts  tend to wander and so put others off as I do not appear attentive or perhaps caring. Where those thoughts of  mine go I cannot always say but they lead me on many journeys.  Try as I might, I cannot capture them all in writing.

There are times when I think I should retire from the world of blogging but I have met many from around the world and I would miss them. Most of all I enjoy putting words to the page and so I continue on.  For the past few days I have been trying to complete a draft, something that came to mind as I watched something on you tube. It is funny how ideas spring to mind from something so simple and with that the words begin to flow from some unknown space.

There has been a renewed peace about me but it has been a wild ride of ups and downs. It may yet force me to disconnect from all but this place, and start from the beginning where I looked inward and tried to write what I found there.  I will turn to the ones close to me as they are what fill me with life and I will remember the one who holds the key to my heart and for whom I credit all the words that have  come from a place I never new existed. He is the golden thread that weaves the colors together. There are gifts we receive in this life, sometimes difficult to understand, but gifts just the same.

Now evening approaches and more thought. I hope to listen to what the night wind has to say.  The night is filled with magical sounds and the voices are there if you can find a way to pause and hear them.

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