Early Morning


The day is perfect, one of those summer days where the sun is shining and the weather is not too much in any direction. The birds are singing and the geese drifting lazily across the ponds with their children in tow.  We have caterpillars now, an annual thing where my son raises Monarch butterflies from eggs. Even after all these summers it is still a wonder to observe something so beautiful evolving from a tiny spec on a leaf.

Last night I was filled with noble plans and a beautiful moon called to me.  It was not to be and I fell asleep before 9pm. It is nice to join the world in the morning for a change and I have to say there is beauty to be found not only under the moon and stars but also in the early quiet hours of the day.  There are many projects that need my attention today and I need to get started on them. Still I cannot help the desire to just let the day drift away while I relax and write on the deck. Perhaps later today I can reward myself but the fabric bits of past projects sit on the carpet and the house is in need of a going over.

Life goes on floating through the days and nights of the seasons.  We just need to stop once in a while and shut out the world so we can savor the moment before it disappears.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. There is nothing quite like standing under the moon and the stars 🙂 and nothing like being there – awake and watching – as the sun rises and a new day is born.

    It’s hard to choose which I love more…but my body clock just naturally tunes in to the dawn…I’m often asleep on the couch before 9! LOL

    Hope you are well???? 🙂 I hope to catch up with you!!! xoxox

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