Wandering Home

The past few days I found myself stumbling through the pile of books that have waited by my bedside for many months.  Instead of writing words, I chose to let myself get lost in them.  It was time to retreat, to pull away from the world and find a place for myself one of quiet and solitude.  As I read the first chapter  I found myself falling into a world I understood and a world I missed. It was a world that had led me to sit under my first moon. Surrendering to the pages I drifted away, walking the wooded paths with the writer and hearing the voices that beckon when you have truly found yourself in a mystical world.

As I read on I began to realize how much time I had given to all the wrong things and how I had begun to write for others instead of myself.   In  doing so ,  I had lost the words and the ability to weave them together.  No longer was I writing for the simple pleasure of it when I would drift away to another place. I was losing touch with the person I had finally found and it was then I realized I must reach back and take her hand before she disappeared into the mists.

For the past few days I had been looking at opening something new, thinking perhaps it w0uld give me a quiet space, slightly anonymous where I could once again drift and dream.  It is a work in progress and one that may never come to anything.  That drifting is starting again for me with or without a new place as the site does not make the writer, the writer makes the site.  I am once again dreaming of other places and hope to make those dreams a reality. Time is short and we cannot make it wait.

The thunder has rumbled today, a bit like my mood, and then the badly needed rain poured down, moving the water of the pond and filling the night air with the songs of summer.  The trees seemed to smile and I felt a weight lift off me at last.  The grey skies hide the moon and stars but I know they are there and tonight I will dream of walking quietly through the woods with only their light as my guide.  There in the clearing I will find the small green covered house that waits for me to open the door and find my way home.


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