Drifting A Bit

While I realize I have posted it before I have a unexplainable need to post this again. I cannot explain why or where it takes me each time I listen, but it is a place I need to be tonight. It is frustrating that I must resort to you tube to post music as this cuts off before the beautiful ending.


6 thoughts on “Drifting A Bit

  1. Wow … that was beautiful … Thank you for sharing and also You do choose some lovely images … that lady in the boat is Just … Ahhhhhhh Peaceful Bliss I feel when looking at her.

    Dragon Blessings

  2. Love this tribute to Tennyson’ poem and the use of the great John William Waterhouse’s painiting dipicting the lovely Lady of Shallot. The other images are beautiful and haunting….so many were moved by the beauty and tradegy of this story.
    Lorena McKinnet’s muscial rendition of the poem is simply gorgeous.

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