DUSK its ash-grey blossoms sheds on violet skies,
    Over twilight mountains where the heart songs rise,
    Rise and fall and fade away from earth to air.
    Earth renews the music sweeter. Oh, come there.
    Come, acushla, come, as in ancient times
    Rings aloud the underland with faery chimes.
    Down the unseen ways as strays each tinkling fleece
    Winding ever onward to a fold of peace,
    So my dreams go straying in a land more fair;
    Half I tread the dew-wet grasses, half wander there.
    Fade your glimmering eyes in a world grown cold;
    Come, acushla, with me to the mountains old.
    There the bright ones call us waving to and fro—
    Come, my children, with me to the ancient go.
    A.E. (George William Russell)

    Sunset Large

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