Sunday Morning in June

Sunday morning has given way to cool temperatures and gusts  of wind, the many hot days of summer giving us a respite.  The patio doors are open and the blinds once again letting in the morning sun.  It is a welcome change though I sit in a sweatshirt and socks as if it were the first days of Autumn.  The hum of the air conditioner is missing, replaced once again by the wind in the trees, the song of the birds and the many conversations from the pond.

It has been difficult these past few days  for me to summon any words, caught in the dramas of blog life and those who one sometimes finds there. Though it has been tiring, I think perhaps some things have come away better and I have a very strong sense of myself and what I believe.  I do not sway so easily as in the past and found a way to step back from it all, much more quickly than in the past.

Summer is different for me this year and I am attempting to savor each day,  and it seems I look on the colors and detail much more carefully, as if taking in a painting.  Life calls to me with a different voice, reminding me of what is and what is not important.  It reminds me to pursue those things I hold close despite the thoughts of others, and to have the the courage to speak from the heart, as the only wasted words are those left unsaid.

The summer solstice came and went without time for much of a celebration as did the new moon.  The energy of the time was with me and I did find a place to remember it, if only in my heart.  Life is not just the moon and stars, but the  beauty of the day as well, the green of the trees, the many colors of summer and the water, all of it a part of me.  Maybe I have just gone back to the beginning or perhaps I have taken a turn off one road back on to another, the new and improved version moving forward.

I am rambling now, my conclusion getting lost in the fatigue of a crazy Saturday still hovering this Sunday morning.  My mind is full of words and I will try to be a bit more attentive here, sharing my thoughts and journeys with you.  Enjoy the day, whether rain or shine.

In summer, the song sings itself.  ~William Carlos Williams

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