My 4th

The holiday weekend has come and gone and while I worked my way through it, it was enjoyable just the same. For the first time we had a community festival four blocks from home complete with the lovely park and lake, always there,  food, music and of course, fireworks. My brother joined my son and I and we made our first journey down the hill in a car as the rain decided to join us that day.  Rain or no rain, we made our way to the park  and had some favorite foods. My day was filled with vintage music, not only in the park but in my brothers car. I realize I need to fill my house with  music more often .  The songs from the 60’s through the 80’s had me drifting away on memories many times during the day.

We wandered home for a  bit and then back we went in the evening.  The rain stopped and a cool breeze pushed the humidity way.  We sat on the beach enjoying the view, the cool evening air,  the music and of course the almost full moon.  For the first time the dog joined us as we were close and could take her home should she not like the festivities. She loved seeing all the people and came away with more  than one kiss from those who loved seeing her.  She also loved watching all the food go by, especially funnel cakes.  She did get to taste a bite of one, courtesy of my brother. The fireworks went up over the lake and I must say were spectacular. The dog actually watched them for a bit, quite like a child. After all was done my brother and I got stuck in traffic as we needed the car to bring down the chairs and such. They blocked the road going one way so after circling about I remembered another back way from many years ago and we finally made it home. The streets here make no sense and this is as far as I could tell, the only other way in to my home.  My son on the other hand, walked the dog up the hill and made his way home quickly.  I do have to email the city and make a small complaint about the park lights.  There were few and making your way through a dark park through throngs of people is not fun.

When I reached home my son greeted me at the door serious face on telling me my daughter had just fallen.  Apparently the dog “relaxed” upon arrival home,  leaving the evidence in the entryway. We have ceramic tile and it becomes treacherous when wet.  My daughter was seeing her beau to the door, slipped and fell flat on her back, hitting her head on the wall as well, on the way down. Fortunately she was fine though the dog was not on her favorite list and after a bath she suffered no ill effects. She is a bit sore today but we are able to have a laugh about it.

There is still a bag of small fireworks waiting for my son and I and my next night off, all sparkly lovely ones. I do not do well with the loud ones and never have.  We will enjoy those tomorrow night by the light of the full moon.


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