An Evening in July

Yesterday I went on a long hike with my son. He wanted to take me to a secret place he has found, a path off the trail he normally walks. He warned me of course, about the climb and the hill, but I had no idea what to expect.  We started down our usual trail, the hills lined with purple clover and bumblebees busy with their work.  When we turned off to the second path, I found it covered with the small yellow ground cover flowers of summer and the flowering shrubs lined the sides of that path, their branches forming an arch as we approached the next turn.

When we arrived it was a bit worse than I had expected, the hill more of a straight down sort of thing and my shoes horribly inadequate. I have had the same pair of  shoes for about four years, looking fine but with little traction and I realized yesterday how badly I need a pair of jeans and some hiking shoes.While I love the outdoors I have never been one for true hiking and climbing.

The dog with her short strong legs, trotted down the steep incline and the winding path to the creek as if it was nothing. My son followed her without much trouble. I on the other hand worked my way down carefully, a lifelong fear of heights accompanying me and my fear of falling and taking out what is left of my knee, in the back of my mind. I will admit I was kind of a big baby about it all, but I made it to the creek and, though buggy it was quite serene and beautiful.  The only sounds were those of the wind in the trees and the soft movement of the water.   The dog was in her glory, a Basset loving nothing more than another place to explore and my son was equally happy. It was mud and grassy growth and with not a log to sit on a bit less than welcoming but this was a sanctuary, our welcome not being a concern.  Our outing had started late and since it was already evening and the descent of the mosquito was not far off, we decided to head home.

While the hike down to the creek was somewhat unnerving, I thought the climb out would be better. I was wrong.  I made it easily through the winding paths to the place where this straight up hill sat waiting.  I will not highlight my whiny climb, but I did make it back up,  my shoes slipping out from under me and arriving at the top pretty much covered with dirt.  Exhausted we started the walk home back through the arch of flowers and the thick yellow carpet. The evening breeze blew across me, relaxing my muscles and my mood.  After arriving back home, we set out for a late supper and a few this and that items, making it a late night before our return.

I had planned to sit out with the moon last night, though the clouds would have hidden her light from my view.  After a shower, the best laid plans were forgotten as I fell asleep shortly after, my laptop in hand all writing I had planned, forgotten for the night.  Perhaps today or tonight the writing I have been wanting to start will find its way and sunny skies may be a portend of  moon gazing tonight.  Yesterday was meant for other pursuits and other ways to feel the energy of the day and night.

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly

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