Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon

Today we have seen some rain at last, though not a great deal. It was a rainy morning followed by a warm sunny late afternoon. Now the clouds roll in again and the pond is still but for the song of summer as the crickets chirp in anticipation of of a the coming summer storm.

The trees are still, their vivid green a bright contract against the darkening skies and the fuscia flowers of my one and only pot trail down against the white posts their color brilliant against the gray sky.  This is a peaceful quiet, a calm before the storm, as is so often used to describe other things in life.  Nature gives us our own “reality” shows, far better than the low class offerings we can find every day in front of our televisions. Turn them off and simply look out the window, the wide screen to life.

The light is on now as the storm grows closer. I have moved my plant outside to enjoy the rainfall. Yes, the plant we have had for thirteen years did not die as I had thought but came back to life later than ususal. It is now covered with the familiar green shamrock leaves and I wait for the white blossoms.  It reminds me a bit of myself a times, how strong I really am.

Now the rain is here complete with long awaited lightening and thunder. Who would wait for such a thing, but I have not heard it for most of the spring and summer until now.  The skies have lightened behind the rain and I do not suspect it will last for very long.  Tonight it will once again clear off just in time for me to sit outside, if I am awake, and move with the energy of the new moon.

Here comes the sun now, trying to break through the clouds and bring a possible rainbow  to bring the storm to a close.


Spend the afternoon.  You can’t take it with you.  ~Annie Dillard

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