New Moon Thoughts

Sometimes the best way to find words is to say nothing at all, at least for a while.  The quiet of thought can help you find the way out of a wordless void and so it has been for me.  Summer has almost gone and I have found a way to treasure each sunset,  the sound of the rain as it finally found us and the sounds of life from beyond the door.

Yesterday the rain poured down,  August making up for a dry spring and summer and as I sat sipping my coffee, I felt the magic of the new moon and of  the impending Autumn weaving a spell around me. It was then I realized how much I needed to change some things and how much I needed to find that place for myself again. The simple act of letter writing had become impossible due to constant interruptions of thought and purpose.  The rain continued on and with it my thoughts.  The things around me had changed but then so had I.  For the first time I was able to look deep inside myself and see how others affect me and just how much.  I took a step back and then a big step forward.  I felt like shouting, a voice from some deep shut away place, screaming to get out.

Today I sit, with more rain on the way, sitting once again with my thoughts.  I have a letter to write, one I have wanted to write for many months. It is a letter long overdue, really overdue and one I am sure the recipient has long given up on.  I can only say, do not give up, it will come at last.  With that come other changes, other places of expression new and refreshed.

Forgive my long silence and forgive me today if I make no sense.  My thoughts are clear to me,  though perhaps shrouded in clouds for all of you.  The moon is new and with that moon comes a new road for me.

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