September Moon


It is a beautiful September morning, the sun just coming up as a golden harvest moon drifts away with the night sky. It was breathtaking on the way to work last night,  large and brilliant, setting of the twilight that comes so much earlier now. As I look out the kitchen window I see the red leaves on the top of the  “kitchen tree” , as I call it, and wonder at how quickly Autumn has surprised us all.  The days are still warm but the evenings cool, my favorite weather but somehow it seems to define the passing of time more acutely with each year.  I find myself drifting in thought and the familiar restlessness is oddly combined with a need to be home. Where home is remains quietly in my heart, another post for a private page.

The cool air was never more realized than Thursday night when I sat with the moon.  It was not officially the full moon, but as work schedules go, mine seems to interfere more often than not. I had been looking forward to it for days, as there have been few times set aside for these things. As evening approached I fought the fatigue that followed me all week and after hauling my things outside, I was joined by my son.  This was not part of the plan but I could not refuse him that night.  Disappointment gnawed at me as I had plans and words I needed to speak, knowing now they would be downgraded to a place where my privacy could be maintained.

There is something about September, strong connections I feel with another and the beginning of the seasons change. It is all very magical and it seems my encounters with the moon are always memorable. This is the part where you hear the needle scratching across the record.  All was well and the dog was seen to. It was chilly so my son bundled up to join me, his fatigue making the cool air feel much worse than it was. The candles were lit and as usual the dog, who hates these things for reasons unknown to me, retreated to my bedroom. The cat who loves fire did not join us as he seems reluctant to participate when things are done outside.  As I settled in and tried to let my thoughts drift away, the angry face of my daughter greeted me at the deck doors.  “What is the dog doing, she’s making so much noise downstairs?” The logical thing would have been to go see what the dog was doing, but apparently that was up to me, so moving through my circle, I drifted back inside, down the stairs and removed the bag of trash she(the dog) had started to toss about. I drifted back upstairs out to the deck and attempted to find my space again.

The night air was getting chillier and I pulled my wrap around my shoulders. Just getting comfortable I turned once again to see my daughters face. “She’s got something under the table.”  Once again I drifted inside to find the dog under the dining table with her “stash”,  a small bag of recycling stolen from my room. I removed it despite the low growling warnings sent my way and proceed to put it in the garage. Once upstairs I found the dog had graced me with something more. After all was settled, I drifted back outside to my son who was almost asleep and to the moon and my now fragmented thoughts.

The dog now lay by the door making her soft almost inaudible whine and as the air grew more crisp, I tried my best to do what I had set out to do.  After all was said and done, and my son sent to his warm bed. I found myself wide awake from the energy of the moon, filled with thoughts. As is always the case I was tired yesterday and after a night of work, I am ready for my bed. I am hoping to get some dreams, ones not strange and silly, but I find the ones I wish for come when they will.  Mabon is coming almost at the time of the new moon.  Perhaps then things will go smoothly. Until then I will cherish the moon and send my thoughts out into the world from the pages here and from that quiet place in my heart.


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