Those We Find Along The Way

Another late night finds me wide awake. It is a beautiful September night, the sky filled with stars and the air filled with the song of September.  That song is the one of summer, but the pond is quiet, the ducks and geese no longer visible silhouettes in the darkness. They are flying in v formation these days, an early Autumn spreading over the land.  The trees are frosted with the first colors of autumn and a few are blazing orange, their leaves already drifting to the ground.

The seasons remind me of the passing of time and though I try to hold it tightly, it runs quickly away. It has been a  good summer, one filled with warm summer days and beautiful sunsets. For the first time I watched a meteor shower from my deck, some coming so close we could see the smoke trailing behind them.  It was dazzling and I am astounded by the beauty we let pass by us.  Once again I feel a tremendous energy and connection to all things around me, and tonight is no exception.

During the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with new places, trying to see what it would bring. After opening one, I found out it was blocked in the country of a friend. What good  is there in opening your heart and soul if your friends cannot be there to read the words. He is my friend, though he lives far away by the sea. We  are  separated by years and by distance but he walks with me in ways I cannot explain.  There are people like that in this world, those who seem as if they were always there.  Perhaps we just lose them for a while, as we travel through our many lifetimes. He is one of two such people I have found, the other at the beginning of my words, the one who unlocked those words.

I knew if he was blocked, many others would be blocked as well. I will keep my other home for wanderings into new places, but I will remain where all who I value can find me.  There are so many people in this world. If we just took the time to get to know them imagine what we might find along the way.  Our lives are blessed by the treasures we discover as we stumble down the road of life.


3 thoughts on “Those We Find Along The Way

  1. “There are so many people in this world. If we just took the time to get to know them imagine what we might find along the way. “I wonder if we could deal with both the good and the bad aspects of that find…

  2. The first paragraph of this is SO beautifully written, like paint strokes on a canvas, I could “see” exactly what you were seeing.

    Hope you are well, my friend 🙂 Hugs xoxo

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