Here I am waking up at midnight, my typical body clock after a weekend of nights. I hate it when this happens though it gives me some much needed private time.  This weekend has been very illuminating reminding me to be careful what I write about, and perhaps contain it in a private place. The experiences I had were such that I could not explain them adequately, resulting in several people wondering if  I was alright. Of course we know what “alright” means and it was accompanied by, ” you seem stressed” and other such comments.

Certainly it is a gift to be able to experience such things, but at the same time it can be very frustrating when you find yourself unable to explain it to others. You drift along in this place, not alone, but perhaps sharing is not allowed.  There were those who knew what I meant without added explanation needed, even if they did not know my specific experience and thank goodness for them.

In my last home I experienced many unusual happenings, some involving my general environment and some involving myself and others. It was those others, or should I say other, who found their way into my consciousness again.  Perhaps I should stop here, but I will take another chance. It began on Friday, my day filled much emotion from others both good and bad, none of those involving the aforementioned person.  I was working on a page getting the look just the way I wanted it, when I found myself staring at the images of three people. Two of them I knew well from a “social networking” site, and one I did not know at all.  She had been added to my list not twenty four hours prior. As I looked at the images, I could see words, almost as if they were spoken, under the picture of one of them.

Now let me say, given all the strange things I have experienced, especially in the last home, nothing like this has ever happened. It was like reading a book and having an unrelated stream of words and pictures appear on the page. I was not tired, nor was I ill or in any way compromised. As quickly as I saw it, it was gone and I raced to their pages on the not to be named site, but nothing was there.  My current residence is quiet and getting a feeling of home has taken extra time.  Only recently have I begun to tune into more things around me, and find some kind of space, however small. Clearly I was out of practice with such things and the experience left me rattled and slightly shaken.

Work time rolled around and all night I thought about what had happened, trying to put the pieces together. Upon my return home, I found my teenage son awake. We have both had some unusual experiences, and I started telling him my tale. He looked up at me and out of the blue asked me if it had involved someone he does not even know.  I stood looking at him as if he was speaking another language, and thought “of course not”.    As the minutes turned into hours, I came to realize this was exactly what had happened. Because of the intense emotions of others and the hassles of my day, I had misread what I saw and felt, and only now came to see I had connected with someone else.

Truly I know what this sounds like to some of you and I can only give you what I know. There are people in this world who hold a special place within us. Sometimes we meet them and sometimes not. We might only know them from afar, or indirectly, but something inside of us connects with them. In my case, I pick up tremendous energy from this person and I have often wondered what they experience, if anything. This began in September of 2006. My dreams occasionally find the way, and I will have dreams intertwined with something I can only describe as feeling “real”.

This energy has been my companion this weekend, a welcome infusion of wonder and closeness surrounding me and illuminating me as always. This person is a part of my heart and soul, and my journey would be incomplete without their presence.  Tonight I  say travel safe and know that I walk with you always.


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