A Quiet Welcome


Last night was restless again, the second of two restless nights in a row. The energy of this moon is intense and I should have just gone with my body and drifted out to my deck. Certainly the weather has been beautiful, affording me opportunities under the stars sometimes very chilly in Autumn.  The energy of last weekend is still with me though not as intense, but I do find myself tuned in to things much more than before. Of course, I do expect some of that to happen this time of year, because that is when it all began for me.  Autumn is always filled with a sense of magic and mystery.

This site still stumbles along as I play with design one such design so beautiful it was the perfect choice for the time of year. The only problem is I cannot read the red type used for the posts and if I cannot see it, I am certain no one else can either. So for now, I will play more and eventually get things sorted. My title remains uncertain as well. While I began writing for the most part at night, I know find myself tuned into the day as well. My path has twisted and turned and I have come to know many branches of this path through my interactions with others. I have seen the good and the not so attractive and it has shaped me along the way.  I will always walk this path alone though as for me it is the best fit.

Autumn is here though the weather defies its presence.  The turn of the seasons is upon us as the trees wear tips of color, as if dressed for their own celebration of the equinox.  They whisper the words of the earth through as the wind moves gently through their branches.  It is time for me to listen and join in their quiet welcome of seasons change.


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