Mabon Thoughts


This is the third Mabon I have honored, though may Autumns have come an gone. It is the second harvest of the year, when the days are warm and the nights cool. The leaves slowly begin to fall and the wild call of change circles me like no other season. It is the time when it all began for me on an Autumn day.  Nature surrounded me as I walked the tree lined trail. I had walked it every day, my new routine and it gave me a sense of solitude and time for thought.  This day in September there was something different, and I felt as if someone walked with me.   Truth be told I did not feel as if someone was with me, I felt someone with me. I could feel the presence of a man , at least I sensed it was a man.  I knew him though that I cannot explain just now. There was a warmth and closeness I had never experienced and as I walked on I knew I had somehow drifted on to a path hidden from me until that time. It was always there but I had not seen it.

Now I walked on filled with a knowing from out of nowhere, something telling me who I was and where I needed to go. I was not given all the details of course, but I was given enough to know why I had always felt as if something was missing. That something was a great part of myself.   That first walk left me searching for resources and there were many of them, but as I discovered, it is almost like a game with different doors to choose. Many of them are not true but doors you can open and waste days and months only to find yourself starting over. Some doors are only a beginning, taking you down the road to new discoveries and yet more changes.  Each experience be it bad or good brings a new knowledge of self and for me a new strength.  I am learning to walk away from distractions and concentrate once again on those gifts I found that September day. There are many who wait on the path who would wish to tell you what it is you have found but truly do not understand.

There is so much more I would like to put here about my experiences since that day, but it is a long story and the stars call me to them. There will be other days to put those thoughts here, though some I will never share except with one.  Mabon has arrived, and with it the dance of Autumn, as the earth prepares for her Winter’s sleep.


2 thoughts on “Mabon Thoughts

  1. Hello! 🙂 Oh, your space here is SO beautiful…I immediately felt peaceful and energized at the same time (if that makes since).

    What a beautiful rendering…and I honor your path and the wisdom you are gaining from it! Truly, no one can ‘tell’ you….

    I’ve also walked through so many doors in recent years. Some I quickly shut behind me ! LOL Thank you for your inspiration!

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