Thoughts on the Season

Time passes so quickly it seems. It was Mabon three years ago when I found myself starting something new, beginnings that would lead me down a very different road but one I found strangely familiar. It looks to be a lovely day here and I hope to spend the evening celebrating under the stars. I am up at all hours of course, working on new things, reading and re reading a letter and realizing now how long it has been since I have written one.  September has been a good month for me, full of energy and connection.  All of this continues and it seems I have always loved Autumn, but now more than ever. Autumn has given me many things some close and some far away.

Tonight I am filled with words and have been trying to put them all to the page but there are too many for one night and one person.  I was trying to write a post earlier about the first September three years ago when all of this started for me. I hope to finish it but perhaps not at three am in the morning. I am working on a new site and will be moving most of my things there in the future.I am stumbling about with it all but I hope it will all turn out well. I took  a chance, downloaded the software and I am trying to pretend I know what I am doing.  Even the name of the blog is up in the air right now.

Now I think it is time to go to bed and see if I can once again dream about those I hold in my heart.  Enjoy the Autumn day no matter where life finds you and happy Mabon to you all.


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