Early Morning Thoughts

This morning I am wide awake and it is still dark. The sky is filled with stars and the air now has the chill of Autumn.  Autumn arrived with great ceremony over the weekend, the days and nights filled with howling winds, while temperatures dropped overnight. The trees are now changing in earnest, having slowed during the warm September days. The first of the bright red leaves top the trees outside my kitchen window and the tree by the deck is a burst of gold, many of the leaves having fallen in the winds. I no longer sit in the early hours in a light dress but am covered in my warmer clothes, my wool socks and favorite old sweatshirt. It paints a lovely picture I am sure.

Last night I was off to bed early pondering a book I am reading and feeling much connected to others far away.  I worked a bit, transferring more posts and then my fifty hours of nights caught up with me and I had to stop. I am working slowly getting things from there to here, sifting through posts, discarding and saving as I go along.  It is interesting to go back and read the first ones and realize how much things have changed while others have stayed the same.

The appearance of this blog has been another struggle as working with templates here has not been as easy as I thought. There seems to be some secret society filled with all the knowing of what to do and what not.  Often the templates are graced with things that need to be removed and finding the place within the code is a puzzle. This has been a long standing issue of mine with this site as appearance is important to me.  The backdrop for our words helps spin the magic. One template was beautiful, filled with the colors of Autumn, but the type was a color that could not be read against the background. Why someone would design a template like that is something I’ll never understand.  Another would not fit the pictures.  Eventually I will get it all figured out but until that time you will see many things come and go.

The stars call and I think I will wrap up in a blanket and go enjoy the beauty of the early hours, every constellation filling the sky will beauty. If only I could capture the night sky and put it here.

One thought on “Early Morning Thoughts

  1. Tree leaves here are changing colour and dropping due to a lack of water rather than it being autumn! Lucky you seeing stars as here, in outer London, the light pollution is such that few, if any, are rarely ever seen.
    I’m sure that the layout that you finally end up with will be well the wait! Take care! xx

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