Under The Open Sky


Last night I struggled with this page going back and forth, adding and editing posts. After a bit I sat and wondered I had done nothing more than make a mess.  I thought about moving the posts from there to here and then thought perhaps I should just leave well enough alone as this was to be a new place.

Today I feel much better, starting out slow with the gray rainy chill  of the day, but now feeling a very strong energy. That full moon, while not yet totally full is making her presence known to me in a big way. I got myself going and cleaned up the things around me, organizing the small white organizers holding my many candles and herbs. I dusted off the remaining things and all the while gazed at the print sitting close by, one I purchased long ago. While gazing on it I remembered how much I would love a dress like the one in the picture along with the open space all to myself.  Standing under the sky on a night like this, away from everyone, imagine what I could hear and feel, no intrusions, just the moon and stars.

The dress can be purchased, for a small fortune, but what can match some quiet time away from the everyday world, time to drift away to another space, one that waits for us to find it.


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