Saturday Evening Thoughts

The sun does not set at three in the afternoon nor is the moon out at five thirty, well at least not yet. I have reset the time on the template hoping to enjoy the daytime header a bit longer. Perhaps it is my denial of things to come. Daylight savings time will be reset shortly before Halloween I believe. Even then we still have sunshine at three in the afternoon. Last night I stayed up into the wee hours, partly because I was restless and partly because I needed to change about my hours for work. I took last night off but start back tonight.  At about three in the morning the sunrise header rolled into view and I must admit it was beautiful. Do remember sunrise does not occur here until at least six am. I would know.

The gray rainy weather continues on with temps around fifty with added northwest winds. It is chilly to be sure and I wonder if we will be graced with more days of “Indian Summer” before the snow flies. The raw nature of the wind felt like snow yesterday.  Certainly I am not ready for winter and quite frankly would be content with three seasons. Alas, I live in Minnesota and it will never happen.  The first snowfall is magical there is no denying it, but after about a week of it, it could go away.

The trees have not quite peaked though they seem a bit out of order this year, given the cold snap and then the return of warm weather. Some have turned and are dropping quickly while others are just beginning to grace the landscape with their orange and crimson beauty.  There is still a duck or two coming to the pond but each day I see the flocks flying out, their formations crossing the sky. Now is the time to invest in that feeder filling it with food for the winter birds.  They should be a welcome entertainment for my cats who will no longer be able to sit on the deck.  It is their only outside activity and they do love it, waiting by the deck door each morning when I come home from work.  It has been too wet and cold for them but perhaps one of these days.

Halloween planning is underway, being a huge holiday at our home. It has been my the favorite of my son since he was small. Last year he put out a display causing cars to stop and take pictures. We are not an easy place to see as the drive is lined with evergreens. This year we hope to have more viewers and hopefully more trick and treats. Some of our customs are looked down upon by others but it is what I grew up with and carved pumpkins and candy are part of it.  My son has invited guests and I am wondering what that will bring. It could be a long evening of partying after which I will try and honor the day. There is always tremendous energy about on that day.

The full moon glides in at 1:10 AM or so one of my sources says. Enjoy her energy and illumination even if she is hidden behind the clouds.


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