Morning Skies

Morning has almost arrived though the sky is dark.  The moon has made her way out through the thick covering of clouds as an unexpected morning treat.  I have been watching her from my deck and the white brilliance surrounded by the dusky clouds is really quite a site.

The energy of this moon is strong and as the full moon rolled in last night I could feel it,  a scattered over energized sense, feeling badly put together and fit to be tied at work. I grumbled for a bit about the lack of organization but things finally fell into place. Now it seems there is nothing but a feeling of softness and longing surrounding me. I can speak to the moon and hope she listens and carries that same softness to other places.

A camera is certainly on the agenda as twice my ride share and I have seen beautiful things and not been able to capture them for others. One morning was a fog so mystical it felt as if we had drifted into another time. This morning it was the creamy white light shining down, first misted by the clouds in a bright shadow, then clearing to reveal many things. The skies are growing lighter and the moon has disappeared back into the clouds. Perhaps tonight I will get another look but if not, I had this morning.  Sometimes even skeptics would have to believe the things that unfold in this universe are planned, just a little.

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