October Sky

The past few days of rain have finally stopped and the night sky is filled with stars and a bright beautiful moon. I am up far too late again but I may sneak outside for a look, wrapped in my blanket of course. The rains have stopped just in time to bring us a beautiful October day, or so it has been forecast. After today the temperatures drop even more and the nights promise to be crisp.  There may be flurries but October snow rarely lasts when it does come.

Halloween grows ever larger at my house and I am starting to wonder what kind of gathering I am going to have to deal with. My son wanted a party and I suspect he shall have one, a rather large one.  I am planning and plotting and happy to do so for him, but just a bit concerned about the unexpected. My thoughts wander to those stories of the kid who tells someone who tells someone else and so on.  Perhaps we will have a blizzard as we did one Halloween in the past.

Some of you may remember it. I know I do. It began in the afternoon, the snow falling with such purpose one could not fail to notice. The pumpkins were lined up in front of the house and my two oldest were about to go out trick or treating with friends.   The girls had the light up things on their heads blinking away. As they got to the end of the driveway, not a long driveway, I could no longer see them. The candles in the pumpkins kept going out because of the heavy snow and few kids came my way. When my kids returned their pillowcases were filled with candy, people pouring out their bowls expecting no visitors.  I worked that weekend at a local hospital and remember pulling off the highway, a nightmare but almost empty, on to the exit ramp. As I turned to road running next to the hospital the ramp was closed behind me.  How I traveled through that mess is beyond me, but I did.  When I look back and remember some of the storms I drove in, I wonder what I could have been thinking.  Isn’t it funny when you look back at things.

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