Journey With The Stars

Tonight is one of those rare moments where I am alone.  The hours of this night belong to me and it is a blissful quiet I claim so seldom. The stars are glorious and though I have yet to see a shooting star I have decided it is time to study the sky and the beautiful constellations I am so lucky to view.

I have loved stars since I was a small child, sparkling ones left on the well done paper at school to the ones in the sky. If I had my way my room would have been papered in the constellations and my bedding more of it.  Don’t get me wrong. I loved pink but stars held a fascination like nothing else. Halloween brought my love of stars out the most and it was as if I could see them on the shades of my windows, shimmering against their dark backdrop. I used to think it went away with as that special day ended with a sorrow in my heart I could not name.  I suppose it was a part of me I did not know, even then trying to get my attention, the call of something defining, telling me who I was.  Autumn and Halloween, brought strong connections to me so many years ago. I remember my mother remarking about it and wondering that I never lost my appreciation of the season. Of course I was a busy child  and did not pay as much attention to things. Then I was a busy student, a busy wife and mother and then a student again. Perhaps it is not until we reach a certain point in life when time becomes real, the hands on the clock moving at a different pace, that we stop and take notice.

Tonight the stars are mine, the distractions of the day gone and those around me slumbering.  There is a voice with me tonight telling me to sleep and dream, heard while standing under the stars, carried on the Autumn wind. A  journey with the stars through the night sky is a voice I cannot ignore.

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