A Brief Thought

It has been a bit slow getting things back to where I want them here. I have been working and am now stricken with the latest bug going around. This will be a good time to sit and putz with the blog and decide what I am going to do. I have had some ideas for the new one and hope to get that in shape as well.

Summer gave way to fall and that changed over to a brief taste of winter, all in a two week time span. The rainy blustery days were accompanied by falling temps and one night of snow fall, coating the trees with a beautiful white glaze. It is gone now and the weekend boasts more seasonal weather to come. The trees are losing their beautiful leaves now, falling at an  unusually fast rate. My tree outside the kitchen turned a beautiful red overnight and two days later it was down, the ground a carpet of crimson.  What was once a landscape filled with color, is now the silhouette of trees truly announcing the coming of winter.

My mind is a bit dull today so I will stop my post here. I just wanted to touch base so those of you visiting did not think I had once again fallen off the face of the earth.

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