Long Days of Autumn

These past few days I have worked on this blog, moving posts and basically returning.  I decided to come back here despite things that are going on around me.  Those things have made it difficult  for me post anything meaningful, and have caused me to  pause, wondering if I should return to the paper journal.

November is almost over, the bare trees a silhouette against the gray skies. There is no snow and the weather has been delightfully mild, making up for what was a cold rainy October. There have been many days of blue skies and sunshine and only now is the weather turning cooler again just in time for the holidays. Tomorrow is a busy day as I work from top to bottom on the house. Dinner is not an issue. This year I took a long look at the holidays. After being told how unpleasant I was by my family I decided it was time to do things a different way.  While leaving my family seemed a good idea at first, I decided against it and instead ordered my dinner from the corner market. They are wonderful and I am certain the food will be exquisite.  The price was good when you tally the cost of all things needed for a holiday dinner. I am even having it delivered thus avoiding the  terror of entering a grocery store parking lot the evening before a holiday.

The days are growing shorter as Winter is just around the corner. The need to get away and have time for myself is gnawing away at me, but I know just now it is not possible. I have forgotten who I was when I started out here and I need to find my way back to that quiet place again.  Perhaps my return here will help me in that journey, we shall see. I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday.

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