Thoughts on Yule

Change is hard, really hard but it seems things are finally different this holiday season.  Yule has begun and I am enjoying this season more than ever.  Apparently I had to groan and moan about it, fuss and cry and basically be all unpleasant over the past two years, before I could do what I needed to do.

Simplicity is the key. There are no outside lights, no baked goods or stacks of presents.  The trees are not up and yet I am savoring the season instead of writing about how horrible it is.  There is a tree, do not fear.  My small white one, with the white lights, has been up all year without decorations. What can I say, it just never came down. It lights up the room at night giving everything a magical glow. Outside in the driveway sits the other tree. I have gone a bit crazy this season and yes, I bought a real one.  It is something I wanted for me, just once more in my lifetime. The kids have never had a real one, not ever and it has been at least thirty years since one has graced my home.  I did not venture to the forest to cut it down, something I would never do, but purchased it from the local nursery.  The tree is wrapped pruned and ready to go, or so they say. It sounds a bit like the old “so easy a child could do it” and I will share my trials here.  I am certain it would be worthy of a video.  Most certainly it was a splurge but I will never do it again and  this holiday we have scaled everything else way back. I suppose when I say “we” I mean “I” as there was no vote taken.  Regardless of my tyranny, my children seem content with things. They are grown or late teens now so they have changed as well.

Dinner is planned though I waffle back and forth between menus.  I bought a new cookbook, another thing I have not done in years. Yes I watched the movie about Julia Child and I was determined to prepare her stuffed duck.  Common sense returned and I knew a new recipe for a holiday would mean certain disaster.  I will make it another time, as I told my brother, and if all goes well, he will get a call to come for dinner.  I have not wanted to cook something elaborate in a very long time and I am not quite sure what is happening to me. If I decide to make it,  I will share all the hysteria on this blog.

A new tradition is also being born, the tree decorating night.   My brother remembers the days of doing this and has no tree or decorations at his home. Some of mine are saved from my childhood, ornaments my parents saved from my grandparents. A select few survived my father, who was not noted for his careful packing of such things, and they are treasured.  I wish more things had survived. When I was a  little girl, we had a tree made of graduated tulle hoops placed over a taper candle. It was made by my grandmother and had sequins on the tulle and tiny ornaments we hung on the fabric.  I loved that centerpiece and have no idea what became of it.

This is a good holiday season and I am content to enjoy music, lights and the mystical energy as we move through Yule to the Blue Moon gracing us on New Years Eve.   Take time to sit back and enjoy, listen and just relax. You will be happier and everyone around you will be as well.

One thought on “Thoughts on Yule

  1. I would have to say my most prized ornaments have to be the first pair of shoes each of my children ever wore. Each pair has been tied together with their name and a date. I have seven pairs hanging on my tree.

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