Quiet Time

Tonight is one of those rare quiet moments, especially in the midst of the holiday season. Again I have simplified this year and I am enjoying it more than I can say.  The food is purchased,  the trees up and the rugs steamed.

The real tree arrived the same day I ordered it and it is beautiful, my holiday gift to myself. If you had asked me about it yesterday morning I doubt I would have given the same response and in fact might have thrown it off the deck.  It was folly,  coming home after the night shift thinking I could get the tree up before going to bed. The stand I purchased on the way home was way too small, so that was out. I went downstairs and got the stand from the artificial tree. After getting the eight  bolts loose, bolts that felt as if they were tightened by Hercules, I took out the pole from the artificial tree, emptied the decorative stones my daughter used to anchor it and discovered a big crack in the bottom.  I put the tree out on the deck and went to bed. Later in the day I purchased a new tree stand and all was well going forward. Tonight it has lights and beads on it. The ornaments are still in the box but it looks wonderful just as  is.

Outside the skies have the light sort of dark, and there is a gentle hush as the snow begins to fall, a great deal of snow.  There is something in the air tonight, as there was last night, something I cannot explain. Maybe it is the tree, I do not know, but it feels like I should take notice. Perhaps it is the familiar visits we seem to get around holidays. We shall see.  For now I am going to relish this moment on a quiet winters night.

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