Snow Storm

Morning is here and the deck is covered in snow, at least six inches. The snow has just started again, falling in big picturesque flakes and we are expecting about ten inches today and another eight tomorrow.  Needless to say I am glad to be stationed safely at home, not having to travel.  We have not had this much snow over the holidays as long as I can remember.  Apparently this is to rival the Halloween storm of 1991, a memorable storm indeed.  The snow is beautiful and the trees are draped in white. My son is planning live video of the snow and if I am able to upload it here, I will.

Last evening I did make it outside to put some white twinkle lights on the front porch. The lights for the deck are still sitting out but given the snow fall, I do not know if they will go up or not.   Perhaps if my son assists, but there is food to be made and some picking up to be done.   Should we be trapped inside, we have enough food for an army so no one will suffer.  This year I wish I had purchased snow shoes. I have wanted some for years and now here we are with all this snow, and I could use them.  It would be fun to go to the park and snow shoe around the trails.  I have bread saved away for the wildlife but I cannot put it out while the snow is still coming down.

The day will be busy again and I must go now and get things started before my brother arrives.  I wish all of you a lovely holiday.

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