Blue Moon Thoughts

Today is a quiet day with soft light snow and clouds.  I am taking a break between household tasks to enjoy the moment and the season.  Christmas Eve and Day went smoothly though I find myself changing each year more and more.  The day itself does not hold the magic it used to, while I embrace the season of Yule much more.  Thinking back I suppose it has always been that way for me, celebrating a season, not a  day or two, and wondering why others felt it was over while I did not.

Sometimes the best days are after, the days leading up to the new year and even beyond.  There is a strong sense of things for me and though I cannot explain it, it seems the things and people I connect with grow closer during this time.  Tomorrow evening will be quiet, spent at home with family.  So many years I have brought in the New Year while working, so it is almost strange to be at home.  This year the moon will be waiting to join me,  a blue moon for the New Year, with a partial lunar eclipse as well. We may not view the eclipse from all parts of the world, but no doubt the energy will be with us all.  I do not know if I will see the moon tomorrow as there are some clouds in the forecast, but I did see her last night. The light of the moon reflected off the snow and it gave the impression that the moon was truly blue, a blue hue in the night sky.  It was so beautiful, like an enchanted winter landscape.  I thought nothing could beat the full moon in summer, reflecting of the waters of our pond, but now I am not so sure.

There are so many things going through my mind now that a new year approaches. I realize I have changed over the past year, grown stronger and more aware of myself.  Some of it was hard and involved unpleasant events but I think now it was worth it.  Still there are those days when I scarcely know who I am, but then we all have days like that.

Today I am the one who needs to get set up office equipment, my office moving to home.  Kindly delivered by my workplace, the hookup yesterday was nothing short of a fiasco, too many helpers, their best intentions at heart, when things would be better done alone.

Enjoy your New Years Eve, and enjoy the moon and the energy she will bring to us all.


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