The Spring of Change

April has arrived and the trees are sprouting the baby leaves of spring. We have been blessed with a wonderful spring but I have not been blessed with words. A post is long overdue  so here I am today. The sun is shining and as the new moon approaches I find the words at least in scattered bits and pieces. It is the spring of change and I have been quiet, wondering where these changes will lead.

The internet has made me weary, at least some of the people who roam it, but I have come to a sort of peace with it and decided it is time to move on.  2009 was wasted with these people and the problems that came with them.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the drama we forget how to hear the important things.  There are also those here whose friendship I value greatly and I do not wish to be parted from them.

Change is a funny thing. You may wish for it and when it happens you may find yourself ground to a halt as you contemplate which road to take. I am still there at the crossroads sitting and listening.  My life waits to move on and I only know if you deny your soul the place it longs for, it will find a way to demand it of you. So mine is making those demands rather loudly and I am wondering what next.

My daughter moved on this spring, a very big change for her and me. She found someone she had missed for some years and though she had been with me for thirty years she has flown the nest moving across country, a new state, a new home and a new relationship.  Yes there were tears with change.  Her companion of over four years is out of the picture and I have someone new I hope to come to know over time.  Change comes from the decisions of others as well as our own. Perhaps she will understand me better now when I speak of that person who calls to your soul. She has found that I think.

There are many doors open to me now and I wonder where I might find myself down the road. For now I wait and listen, refusing to settle for others.  The moon and stars are anywhere I might choose to go and as time goes by I realize it my turn, my journey waiting for me,  calling me forward.


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