April Days

Today is a beautiful April day, my youngest son’s birthday.  He is seventeen, tall and lanky, almost grown.  At  6′ 7″ he towers over me. Only because we look somewhat alike is there any proof that we belong in the same family.  How fast the time has gone, especially with this child. The skies are blue and the trees are now covered with leaves.  The windows are open and while the birthday kid is out biking I am enjoying the songs of spring.

The Cardinal has perched in the tree outside my window singing away. Cardinals have always been special to me, at least since I started the path I am on. Their visits seem to come at times when I most need them.  They remind me to keep the faith and bring words from those who speak to my heart and soul.  Silly perhaps to others, but it holds that meaning for m.

Yesterday I signed up for the November Novel Write. We shall see how that goes but I feel a need to get moving and perhaps this will give me the push I need.  Perhaps I will start writing before as the words and ideas are getting stronger.  I think I will share my progress here, not the story, but the road traveled to create it.  It is something new to share, a new adventure.

There is a powerful energy around me these last few days, maybe the change of seasons or maybe the step back to the road once traveled. It seems I have returned  to a place I was at the beginning, a new perspective found from past experiences making that beginning better,  the road less unsteady. Some have come with me on that journey, while many have come and gone. Those who have followed were there at the beginning as well and will remain with me no matter which way the road turns.

The day calls me with the lovely sounds of spring and the moon and stars will speak to me once more, tonight, I think.

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