To A Winter Place

Not long ago I read about the seasons and how it affects each of us. Autumn was to be my time of awakening, just like spring brings the awakening of the earth. As I read the post I realized how true this is and how I come alive each year to a  landscape filled with brilliant colors and the air takes on a slight chill.  It brings a connection within I cannot explain but only anticipate and welcome.

Now that Autumn is fading and the whisper of Winter is in the air, I find myself retreating to this place, my Winter garden.  It is not often I look forward to the cold and snow, but for some reason this year is different.  I am awash with memories and at times almost overcome with emotion.   It is much like the first time I found my way to a different path and now I seem to be finding my way back again.

My words are returning, not only the words for thought, but the ability to bring them to the page. It has been a slow long journey, one  which required me to make peace with past events and people and move forward away from them. It has also brought a deeper understanding of  myself, though I still have a long way to go.

To a Winter place I go, a place of magic, cold and snow. My refuge, my land of sparkling lights and frost covered windows.  Here is will stay, at least for a while, gathering my thoughts, sharing some of them here and taking time to discover the next turn in my path.

2 thoughts on “To A Winter Place

  1. 🙂 Hello dear heart! I can’t tell when this was posted, and I’m WAY behind on checking in on all my lovely blogfriends such as yourself – so I’ll just leave a quick note to tell you how happy I feel for you – you finding your words!! This is wonderful..and I’m so looking forward to what you have to say. And how great that you’re welcoming the changing season with such acceptance!

    • Hi, I posted it today. I’ve been kicking around thoughts for some time now and finally had the concentration to sit write some of them down. More are coming.

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