Yesterday’s post went straight to Yule and skipped over the big event this week.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as always I am running around getting things ready today. It is a very small gathering this year, just three of us.  My daughter has moved away to Georgia and so our gatherings grow smaller.

I am less enthusiastic this year than ever before, not because I do not like Thanksgiving day, and not because I do not love my family, but because the effort involved seems better spent on other things. My youngest son  does not even like turkey dinner. I would rather spend the day having dinner out, going to a movie and coming home to light my holiday lights as I did in years gone by.

Of course the holiday lights are not yet on the house and there is a snowstorm rapidly moving our way so tradition may have to wait.  The turkey is thawing in the refrigerator, all twenty pounds of it.  My brother went a bit overboard. When I put it in the refrigerator, the cheap glass the former residents had put in place over the crisper drawers broke in a million pieces.  So now I have half the space to use until I order a shelf to replace it.   This is not the time of year to have half the space available.

Tomorrow will come and go and we will no doubt have a nice time.  The day will end with too many memories for my heart to handle, but also some laughs. I always laugh after I get done complaining about it all.  As is the case every Thanksgiving I am sure we will feel the presence of others.  This time of year seems to trigger “visits” from those held in our hearts.

The house is calling and I must answer the call so I wish all of you a lovely day tomorrow no matter where the day finds you.


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