Saturday 01/08/2011

Saturday has arrived all blue skies and sunshine, the type of day viewed through a window that can make you forget just how cold it is outside. The sun is a welcome visitor after working nights and seeing so much of the dark.

Night time is still a special time for me, holding a mystery and magic with the star filled sky and the moon remains my companion. Still I find myself up earlier these days and as winter continues my thoughts drift to flowers and gardens.  I have never been particularly good at maintaining big gardens but this year I hope to fill my window boxes and the many pots I found and put away for spring.  It has been too many summers without my own flowers though nature never fails to provide beauty for the non-gardeners.

This year finds us in a small town for the first time, and it is an experience for a city girl. We are close to most things needed as it is connected to several other small towns all in a row. The city is about an hour away.  It is very new and different but our neighbors on all sides are wonderful people and there is a quiet here I find hard to explain. The sounds of nature are different, thunder in wide open spaces having an echo and deepness I have never heard before. The snow whispers and the winds make one feel like you are back in those pioneer days, hearing it howl as it moves through the trees.  As I said before I have heard coyote for the first time in my life.  We have seen bald eagles fly over the yard and swans migrate through, floating gracefully on the lake and then flying out in formation. We have seen white pelicans as well, another migration in autumn.  There is always something beautiful to see so now we make it a point to take the camera when we go out.

There are many projects for me this year as we are in an old house built turn of the century. I am trying to find more history on it but I do know the homes one block beyond us are historical homes of the area having been built by the first settlers here. I love this house but it was decorated by those who lacked the appreciation of what they had.  Perhaps I will do a photo diary of what I do on the blog though my skills with the camera are sorely lacking.  The basic structure is good and the floors have been replaced nicely. The walls need some tasteful paint and it would have been lovely had the former occupants chosen to remove the old wallpaper and then paint.    There is a sun porch, not big but very cute and I cannot wait to open it up again. It is not insulated so must be closed off once cold weather arrives.  The woodwork around the windows, the fine old woodwork of old homes, will need some attention. The former occupants put curtain rods up leaving some damage.  It is a very spacious home and one that brings back memories from my childhood. The first day I stepped through the doors I was reminded of my aunt’s home in Iowa. We would visit almost every summer and I loved that house, my aunt, and the little town.

This is my new journey, at least part of it. Where it will lead I cannot say as life is a  mystery for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 01/08/2011

  1. I’m been horribly remiss in visiting my blog friends. This was a very soothing post to me this morning, dear G.F. I could feel the quiet and the sounds of nature…how wonderful!

    For purely selfish reasons, I hope you DO post “before and after” pictures of your renovations!! 🙂 I can live vicariously through you! LOL


    • I will try and take some pics this week of the different rooms. I have to get started on the living room and that one thankfully does not appear to have wallpaper under the paint. I’m about to get some furniture and I want to get the painting done before the furniture arrives.

    • Thank you for the kind comment. I feel I have not been very inspiring of late. I think the words are finally returning but as in all things cannot be rushed.

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