Rhythm of the Seasons

Here  we are the end of January. I have not done well with my blog a day endeavor. It is one of those things I cannot do, force myself to write. Words do not flow in such ways but only when they wish it seems, often at the most unlikely of times. There have been moments of clarity, moments filled with beautiful words, moments that never made it to the page. Life is like that, filled with the everyday happenings throwing obstacles in the way of all else.

Tonight I went for a short walk, a beautiful mild evening after many days and nights of bitter cold . There were no stars and the moon as she grows dark, was buried behind a cloud filled night sky.  On those bitter cold nights she shined brightly down along with her veil of stars but we had to walk quickly and hasten our appreciation of her splendor.  Not so tonight as the air was mild. The quiet of those bitter nights was replaced, and still is at this hour, by the hum of snowmobiles as our local festival begins tomorrow. It is the land of the winter sportsman reflected in the many events of the weekend to come.  As the lights of the snowmobiles race across the icy lakes, you also see the gentle glow of light from within the ice houses as fishermen wait for their catch, perhaps relishing the peace of the now frozen water. The seasonal lights still dot the street through our little town and somehow, I like that. It gives a festive feel to a season we could be long weary of but
instead learn to embrace. The seasons move so very quickly and though I long for warmer days I know to appreciate the shimmer of new fallen snow as it paints the landscape all in white.

Tonight there is a magic in the air as there has been for the past few nights, perhaps the coming of Imbolic.  It is the celebration of light, the arrival
of the Maiden or honoring of the Goddess Brigid.  She brings with her the knowledge of the coming of spring.  While it all seems a bit premature, February has always arrived with a sense of magic, perhaps the Valentines that fill the stores, or the cut flowers that follow in abundance. Even on the coldest of days you feel it, almost as if the Maiden whispers her arrival with a soft scent of new leaves.  There will most likely be a snow storm or two before spring truly arrives, all green and fresh, but come Tuesday, I will put out my candles to light the way  and celebrate the rhythm of the seasons.

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