Shaken not Stirred

Forgive my sporadic blogging. It is not for lack of thoughts but lack of alone time when I can gather them together in an organized fashion. Often they come to me as I am drifting between the waking and sleeping hours.

This is our newest addition, Clover. She is pictured below next to my son’s hands to give some idea how small she really is.  It is a bad picture, taken from my equally bad quality phone.  Also keep in mind my son is very tall with massive hands.  The second shot is on my lap using the webcam. She is  twelve weeks old and has been with us one week.  During that week I feel as if I have returned to new baby days.  I am not quite sure how I feel about it but my life is definitely shaken no longer stirred. There is never a dull moment when she is awake. Evenings have transformed into a blast from the past as her behavior deteriorates, matching the worst overtired child, until she flips a switch and can no longer keep her eyes open.

Tonight I am about to get some much needed sleep as my night shift hours are not doing well with a day shift dog. I have made some time to enjoy the stars as with the dark of the moon they are especially beautiful.  While my soul sings with words the past few days, my physical self must catch up so I can weave those words into something memorable.  Until that time I hope to find some sleep and perhaps some dreams as well.

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