November 30th

Today I decided it was a good day to tackle the outside lights.
Why lights mean so much to me I cannot explain but they do.
It is a feeling I get from them, One of lovely memories,
one of sheer enchantment. I no longer have children who
will do them for me, a treat I had as they entered their teen years,
so Outside I went, ladder, lights and dog in tow.

The dog is almost a year old, filled with wily ways and energy.
The day was chilly but the skies blue and
the wind was almost absent. There was also no snow to wade through, though at
this point I would actually like some. I say that with great ease,
forgetting last year I was shoveling in efforts to open the

The window boxes were easy, mounded with sheet lights pulled out
of boxes, still intact. Topped with oversized ornaments I’d purchased some
years ago, they came out looking quite lovely. The old string lights, still
going strong, never made it to the gutters. Perhaps tomorrow.

During this time, the dog ran away four times, stole two large loaves of bread
put out by neighbors for the birds and caused any chaos possible. She is wound
up just like a small child by all the things so new this time of year. A tree
in the house is a great fascination and large colored lights I found, look like
treats to her.

I love this season. It holds strong energy for me. It is not the dinners or gifts,
but the quiet whispers, a stillness in the night when the sky is filled with stars.
While others are busy running here and there,
I find it a good time to listen for the voice of those who try to
speak to me. Listening has been difficult this year, my time to myself greatly limited. It has
often been infused with emotions which interfere with my ability to reach deep within
myself, a space I have much missed and one I hope to revisit more often.

Many times I have found myself at this keyboard, trying to express the words I feel but
they remain inside growing ever stronger in their quest to find a way out. For now I will
look and listen while enjoying the lights from my window.

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