A Windy August Day

Here I am again, making an effort to put words to a page. I have not been far away, but my words have been locked in a place I could not reach. I am just now reaching that place, a slow journey filled with many bumps both large and small along the way. Though it has been a trying time one cannot doubt that such times can make one grow and change. You have only to find your way back to the path you once traveled and you will arrive there with a deeper understanding of things you have discovered along the way.

I am  toying with the idea of a new space, something I have done many times before,  one that may reflect more of my current self and one that may once again feel safe.  Safe is good, something that allows me to express my deepest thoughts without hesitation.   Of course it would be better I suppose to be able to express myself without hesitation regardless of how safe a space I may create. So here I am, at least for now.

We are having a burst cool weather today, a beautiful north wind filling the house, a welcome respite from the heat of the last few weeks. I love this weather. It is as if the air is like the kiss of a prince in a fairy tale.  I come alive again, awakened to my thoughts and  all the energy around me. We all have our seasons I am sure and Autumn has been mine as far back as I can remember.  While out walking today I saw a tree with the first leaves all orange and bright,  a beautiful sight, though maybe not for all of us, a whisper of the seasons change not far off.

There is a place of peace sometimes unexpected, for me a windy day or night, when just the sound of the breeze as the curtains move carries me away to where I need to be.  The four elements, earth, air, fire and water, speak to each of us differently and at different times. For me water has been a constant companion, pulling me towards it at all times. That has always been a curiosity to me as in my chart you will find little if any water.  Now I find air is my companion. The wind turns my thoughts to a deeper place and makes me listen.  It is not that the other elements do not walk with me, but air seems to have found a way to reach me and bring me back to where I need to be.  Today it has brought me here and I am amazed to be once again putting something, anything to the page.

My thoughts have been a bit sparse here but they will gather and grow over time. To me this is a celebration, as I am once again starting my way down a path that called me on a day much like today, six years ago.


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