The Return

Last night I sat here for the first time in a very long time. I came back to this site and thought perhaps I had been gone too long. I clicked through possible design pictures each more beautiful than the last, determined to give the things a new look. Unable to decide I continued into the wee hours strangely unwilling to stop.  Then it happened, a light, small at first, illuminating from some place deep inside me. As I continued to work, the light spread moving through me and surrounding my very being. The designs fell into place and most unexpectedly the words began to follow, slow at first and then many. They spun in my head coming together in ways I have been unable to find for so long. It was an awakening of sorts, from some long unwelcome slumber, one that has kept me contained despite my best efforts. At the end of my night, I knew I must to go to my bed, the demands of the next day pressing. By now the light and words were spilling from me but reluctantly I retired. As I lay in bed I felt myself begin to drift to places I thought lost to me foreverThey were not lost, only waiting for my return.

It seems I am returning at last.  The stars and  moon have been by my side, rising from a sunset of  coral,  and I can feel the soft breeze of a summer night speak to me once again.


One thought on “The Return

  1. we are alone, but never really alone, sound like you got some help getting your earthy glasses cleaned
    “oh Tuesday’s afternoon”

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