Before I Drift

Here I am again, awake on a beautiful summer night.  The moon is bright in a star filled sky. There is a gentle breeze filled with the chorus of summer sounds and the June bugs dance across the screens of my open window.

We had a bonfire tonight, the first of the season and then went walking looking for the fireflies along the many lakes that surround where we live. Those lakes were still tonight, like glass, reflecting the moon and the few lights of  the homes that sit close to their shores. There was much energy in the night air perhaps the energy of midsummer, only a few days away.  Now as I sit quietly, almost ready for bed, I can feel that energy still, filling me up as it did in past days.

Things continue to change for me, a second awakening to all  things seen and unseen. It is a most welcome change, long overdue. I have missed this feeling, one I have never been able to explain. Now I am off to bed to savor it and perhaps to journey a bit, before I drift to sleep.


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