Morning Thoughts July 5, 2013

Again I disappeared for a short while. It was not intentional, but the demands of work followed by a summer bug. I had words, I think, but no energy or time to share them.

Now here we are in July, filled with beautiful days and enchanted nights. I am in want of a camera to capture some of the beauty. I have been resigned to the ipad, useful but far from satisfactory. Oddly the camera in my inexpensive phone helped me capture beautiful pictures of winter. Alas it is no longer working and my phone follows close behind. There have been sunsets and still waters, star filled skies with hundreds of fireflies, the fireflies like fairies flitting about in the dark of night. There have been bluebirds and of course all the flowers of summer waiting to be captured for a memory.

It is just past sunrise and I am about to sleep after a nights work. Something in my soul stirs today, and I think perhaps it will follow me to my dreams. I hope so.




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