Ramblings, August 14, 2013

Disappearing acts seem to be my specialty these days. I am struggling with words off and on. There are things influencing where I am at but I do not feel at liberty to discuss them here. I will say August is filled with energy, some that I’ve not felt for quite some time.  The weather is like September and brings to mind Autumn.  Autumn has always been a powerful connected time for me. The landscape is still green, filled with flowers but the night air whispers, filled with magic.

This week old memories were stirred and I quickly discovered how much I have moved forward. While it was tempting to fall back to a place I once was, the feelings evoked by the creation of a new site, not my creation, were less than positive. I moved on with great haste and feel better for the decision. I’ve not had good luck with most social sites. I’m willing to admit it might be me and I just tend to stay clear of them. Forums are fraught with trolls and well-meaning self-appointed experts. They speak their uninformed ramblings  and I just find it to be too much. Again, I have probably been guilty of the same uninformed arrogance. Nothing like a little time to teach you what you don’t know.  Groups are fine but it is difficult for me to find those of like mind who do not after time shed their disguise and try to change me into something more to their liking. But enough of that.

Clearly I have not made time for myself and I need to create that time and space for my well being.  It is amazing when taken from you how much it builds, until one day your spirit and soul start knocking so loudly you can ignore them no longer. Space or no, I am beginning to connect with those things around me, and I must create a space, one all my own. Seven years ago I walked a wooded trail and my path found me. I have stayed on that path, despite my lack of attention to it. It has refined itself and I am comfortable with the direction I have chosen. It is my own and for me that is best. 

I have rambled, I am sorry.  No doubt you are thinking “what is she talking about”? Maybe not. I will try not to disappear again and will share more as I create my space.  Wouldn’t this be perfect.


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