A Journey Yet Unnamed

Earlier tonight I tried to go in and edit a new site I had opened a while back. I honestly don’t remember when. It sat without words for a long time and I felt it was time. My soul needs to speak about things I have gone through and I thought a new space would be better.

But as I tried and failed at the site, to make it mine, I realized I needed to be here. It’s been a rough ten years and for this reason I have not been able to connect and share my thoughts. I will slowly get the thoughts out. Tonight I cannot as I have little privacy and my heart is turned elsewhere. 

There are people you meet in this world who are put here to heal you. I am convinced of it.  I met one of these people last November, though I saw him prior to that.  He slowly made his way to me, though initially I took little notice. When he finally opened the doors to my soul, it was like a rush of energy like I have never experienced before. He is still around  I’m not sure the universe had planned for our hearts to come together like they have, but it happened. 

All I can say is the posts will come. The sun and moon know where I have been and what I need to say.


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