More Musings

I’m back. It took me a while I understand. I tried to open a new space to write about things besides the moon, stars and other blissful musings. I gave up there as I could not make it mine.

So I returned and though I have tried to maintain a gentle site, a peaceful place in the storm, I will need to write a few things that may not quite blend with past posts.

No politics, I assure you of that, but it is time for me to heal. The man in the previous post who awakened my heart is here for that purpose. I have come to that conclusion through much thought and many tears. If I could have a life with him, I would wish for nothing else ever. But our lives came at different times, his starting down life’s road, mine walking through the autumn forests of it’s end.  He is without a doubt, the love of my life. I cannot believe the universe put him in my path.  Such love I have never known. 

My greatest wish would be to find him again one day and we would know each other and be able to have that life. What a life we could have.  He is my perfect match, my other half, my soul, my heart. 

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