The Daydream

The thronged boughs of the shadowy sycamore Still bear young leaflets half the summer through; From when the robin ‘gainst the unhidden blue Perched dark, till now, deep in the leafy core, The embowered throstle’s urgent wood-notes soar Through summer-silence. Still the leaves come new; Yet never rosy-sheaved as those which drew Their spiral tongues […]


One of the things I  do when I sit and write, is listen to music.  The music I choose at such times is quiet. and helps me drift to a space where often I find the words that have lately been eluding me.  Today I was not writing, but shopping for bedding, a long standing […]

A Dream of the Unknown I dreamed that as I wandered by the way, Bare Winter suddenly was changed to Spring, And gentle odours led my steps astray, Mixed with a sound of waters murmuring Along a shelving bank of turf, which lay Under a copse, and hardly dared to fling Its green arms round […]