Shaken not Stirred

Forgive my sporadic blogging. It is not for lack of thoughts but lack of alone time when I can gather them together in an organized fashion. Often they come to me as I am drifting between the waking and sleeping hours. This is our newest addition, Clover. She is pictured below next to my son’s […]

Yesterday’s post went straight to Yule and skipped over the big event this week.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as always I am running around getting things ready today. It is a very small gathering this year, just three of us.  My daughter has moved away to Georgia and so our gatherings grow smaller. I am […]

The Spring of Change

Sunday I had this lovely collection of words spinning around in my head. I had planned to write something about my mother, who has been gone now for thirteen years.  I thought about something new and felt this might be a good starting point, writing a bit about my life and my memories.  The weekend […]