A clouded dream on an earthly night Hangs upon the crescent moon A voiceless song in an ageless light Sings at the coming dawn Birds in flight are calling there Where the heart moves the stones It’s there that my heart is calling All for the love of you A painting hangs on an […]

Drifting A Bit

While I realize I have posted it before I have a unexplainable need to post this again. I cannot explain why or where it takes me each time I listen, but it is a place I need to be tonight. It is frustrating that I must resort to you tube to post music as this […]

My Back Pages

Tonight I was blogging about a little of this and that and oddly this song came rushing back. I found myself moving with the music as a wave of emotion swept over me.  As the music played it brought back memories and left me contemplating the passage of time.  Where has this song been and […]

Seeds of Love

I sowed the seeds of love I sowed them in the spring I gathered them up in the morning so soon When the small birds so sweetly sing When the small birds so sweetly sing The gardener was standing by I asked him to choose for me He chose for me the violet, the lily […]