The Golden Tide

The moon lay low above the sea, and all the flowing gold and flashing silver of the rippling, running water seemed to be a flood going that way and falling into the shining hollow of the moon. Oh, that the tides of my heart, for ever flowing one way, might fall to rest in the […]

Summer and Winter

It was a bright and cheerful afternoon, Towards the end of the sunny month of June, When the north wind congregates in crowds The floating mountains of the silver clouds From the horizon–and the stainless sky Opens beyond them like eternity. All things rejoiced beneath the sun; the weeds, The river, and the cornfields, and […]

Moving Through and Moving Forward

One of the blogs I frequent talks a great deal about positive thought and the power of love.  Anyone who reads my posts knows that I would certainly agree with the power of love. I also think that positive thought is a wonderful thing.  Still I wonder when positive thought becomes a handicap, perhaps blinding […]